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How To Choose Vent Fans For Your Bathroom?

Vent fans are meant for ventilation purpose in bathrooms and kitchens. In common language, vent fans are known as exhaust fans. They help to remove smoke, moisture, and stench out of the room.

In bathrooms, vent fans are fixed near the bathtubs or showers. They are planted on the reverse side of the air supply source so that fresh air is drawn towards the room. Besides this, the bathroom doors are not completely fixed so as to promote ventilation.

In modern buildings with modern interior designs, the builders provide good quality vent fans in all the houses. However, if the homeowners are going for renovation and buy a new vent fan, they should check its RPM. RPM is revolutions per minute. The non-standardized fans have about 400-500 RPM.

The top interior designers suggest that the vent fans should have about 800-900 RPM. Fans with higher RPM have a longer life and helps in better ventilation but are comparatively expensive.

Apart from checking the RPM, the homeowners should also check for the noise of the fan. They should opt for a fan with rating 0.5- 1.2 sones (a scale that represents the degree of loudness). This rating means that the fan makes very less noise.

Switch for Vent Fans

There should be a different switch for exhaust or vent fans, and it can be on the switchboard in which lights and fans are connected to the bathroom. It should not be connected with the light switch i.e. switching it on and off with the light. It is so because during the day when the light isn’t required it will be compulsorily switched on because of the vent fan. Thus, this should be avoided.

Brands Recommended for Vent Fans

The suggested brands for vent fans are Philips, Usha, Havells, Orient, Crompton, etc. These fans are available in different sizes and fan with flaps cost around Rs 1200 to 1400. The same fan can cost much lower if bought from a local dealer.

The homeowners shouldn’t compromise on the quality as they are much durable and quality does matter.
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