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How To Clean, Care & Maintain Laminate Flooring?

It is simple and convenient to preserve laminate flooring, besides giving the look and impression of natural wood to interior decoration. It is easier for homeowners to protect their laminate flooring for years, with a small amount of care.

Necessary Care Required for Laminate Floor Covering

The dust and sand particles scrape the upper layer of Laminate Flooring; therefore, it is important to keep the layer free from dust. Homeowners are advised to have adhesive felt feet pads placed on the upper layer of the furniture to avoid damage and spoil their interior decoration.

The laminate flooring should be kept dry because the water may swell up the slabs or bend them. Wet mopping, with liquid detergents and cleaners, should be bypassed and should be replaced with cleaning it with a dry mop, soft bristle broom or even with a suction only vacuum cleaner.

If cleaned up immediately water isn’t much of a problem.

Direct sunlight should be avoided as UV rays can damage the flooring and make it look old. Homeowners should use curtains for protection.

Sometimes the flooring low in quality tends to move out of their place after some time; therefore, it becomes essential to put them back into their place before dust and dirt start depositing over there and making it even more hectic to put the slab back. Flooring that is better in quality does not fall apart as it is set using joint mechanism system.

Applying acetone to tough stains removes them, but using too much of it harms the flooring.

Ice can toughen materials like wax and chewing gum which is easy to remove afterwards.

But the homeowners should be careful in scraping as it can damage the surface.


If taken care, laminate flooring can last a lifetime and doesn't require polishing for quite some time until and unless there are plenty of scratches which one would want to get rid off. On an average, they need polishing every 12-15 years. Homeowners are conscious about their interior decoration and therefore feel the need of getting them polished, but they are advised not to get the wooden floors polished at any time after their manufacturing. It's because the polishing done at the time of manufacturing was not done manually but when owners get them polished it is done by humans and this can damage their anti-scratch layer.

Thus one should avoid re-polishing it.
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