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How to convert 1bhk into a 1 room kitchen

When you have a home with different lounge, room and a kitchen – you have 1 BHK or one Bedroom Hall Kitchen. You will discover numerous homes exceptionally old structures in Delhi NCR with plan of 1 Room Kitchen- that is no room.

The question here is in what capacity would one like to convert 1bhk into a 1 room kitchen.

For starters, we need to modify the kitchen some place and not utilize committed greater room/space for kitchen. In all probability you will move your kitchen into Balcony, will include significant making new cost of Kitchen platform needs to.

The other regular arrangement is join Bathroom and Toilet, significant cost included is Cost of washroom Plumbing.

Presently the space of the can be utilized as wash room or kitchen. If that rolling out these floor format improvements includes developing new divider then real cost included will be Cost of new divider. In the event that kitchen, then all things considered then you will have space just to cook. Dinning moves to Hall.

Conveniences like Refrigerator and others should be put some place in the house.
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