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How To Design a 500 sq.ft 1BHK?

One of the biggest queries a homeowner of a standard 500 sq. ft. 1BHK flat may face is the issue of interior design. What ideas should you adopt? Where should you bring about changes? What should you do in order to maximise the space?

When you ask an interior designer for help, the first answer they shall give you will be a question in itself- the question of your budget. Your budget is the primary concern, and as long as your designer or contractor knows how much cost he or she may have to cut, they’ll find it easier to fix your interiors accordingly.

For example, he can get you a normal ceiling instead of a false ceiling or one made of POP (Plaster of Paris), since it increases the space without spending extra money. Your interior designer can tell you which of your furniture is absolutely necessary and what you can get rid of, and even reduce much labour in doing so.

While interior design is a lot about adjustment, it can be a way to get the best out of your house in very little money.
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