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How To Pick The Best Colour To Paint My Wall?

The main purpose of painting your home is to give it a fresh and a new look. And this is not possible without opting for the perfect colour for your abode. In case you hire a contractor or a painter or an interior designer, he/she will never choose the colour for you in good business practice. However, they may suggest you different options as per your needs and specifications.

The biggest reason for never choosing the colour is that they want to be excluded out of the blame game of not liking the colour after the painting work is done.

To ease out the colour selection process, a painter usually brings along a colour booklet with a plethora of options. Keeping in mind your previous home colour, your likings and the interior design of your home, suggestions are made. Every colour is associated with a mood and seeing what kind of vibe you want from the room, a colour is selected. In case you cannot come down to a particular shade, samples of a few shades of your choice are bought and tried on the walls to further ease up the colour selection process.

The sample colours are applied in small patches side by side and examined at different times of day to reveal how they look in different lights. (Both natural and artificial)

This process of sampling is best in the case of confusion and often helps in choosing the best colour in coordination with the interior design of your house.

Ceilings are usually painted in a white plastic paint, mainly because it provides a matte finish and also as you don’t want your ceiling to be reflective.
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