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How To Soundproof Your House With Brick Walls & Glass Partition

In the construction business and renovations till date, acoustic experts have had the least say. This then goes on to be a problem later in home construction as well as office, and we shall see how exactly that happens -

For office

There are always certain rooms in the office, for example, conference rooms where a large number of people come together on a regular basis. Now whether this is for secretive reasons or not, there is often sound that emerges from inside the room to disturb the people working outside and vice versa. This is because the blueprint for construction initially does not include the fact that some rooms need to be soundproof. It's only the architect and design expert who make major decisions, which is why most rooms end up having glass walls which easily allow sound to pass through. It is not always practical to apply traditional methods of soundproofing in the office; hence at the most, the acoustic experts suggest double glazed glass.

In extreme cases of noise, however, material suggestions and renovations can be made.

For home

In offices, while the scope for soundproofing is quite low, it is relatively more adjustable at home. For strength purposes as well, brick walls can be used since they are extremely effective at blocking external noise from coming in the house and vice versa. Similarly, in major recording studios, halls and home theatres, etc., brick walls cause minimum reflection and maximum sound proofing. Some people do consider gypsum partitions, but that isn't a good option considering the fact that it is both a little ineffective as well as quite flimsy.

Therefore the basic rules of soundproofing will differ from scenario to scenario. An office or home environment will not require extreme measures and renovations such as a recording studio or a major hall or theatre where it is important.

The partitions can be spaced, or the material can be changed as per the discretion of the authorities.
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