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How to take care of noise coming from air conditioners?

In today's world of temperamental climate, air conditioning has become more of mandatory need than a want. Whether it is window, split or central air conditioners - you'll be sure to find one in every beautiful home no matter which part of the world you live in.

Like every other machine, however, these air conditioners need to be taken care of and serviced regularly to function to their maximum capacity

If not, then they start to give off certain sounds that disturb the peaceful environment which only gets worse as time goes by. For some, they become part of routine life, and they soon learn to ignore it. But apart from the noise pollution, they soon start to give off a bad odour and even warm air in worst case scenarios – so by listening to the sound of lack of it that your air conditioner makes – you will be able to gauge what should be done to maintain the beauty of your home.

This is only possible if your A.C is generating a low-frequency sound. Here comes the aspect of perception of sound. This means that the atmosphere when the sound from the AC is generated. Psycho acoustics and frequency go hand in hand, for only if the AC is generating high frequency or clanking sounds will it bother you.

Air conditioners usually generate a steady slow and soft sound, but if it's the another way round - and additionally amplified by home environment noises, then it can get harassing.

These kinds of issues don’t arise in the office because they are mostly central air conditioners and their air ducts are on the roof of the building, so the sound never percolates down to the working area.

Hence, to avoid such simple noise pollution repair your AC's on a regular basis, and additionally also be ready to replace them before they get too old to have a healthy and beautiful home.
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