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How to use lights to light up different areas in the bathroom

The right lighting can change the mood of a room and can also make it appear bigger and spacious. For this, the correct type of lighting and its placement should be taken care of. These days, most homeowners want rooms and kitchens as well as their bathrooms to look luxurious. This can be done be using the right number of lights in the right positions.

How to use lights to light up different areas in the bathroom

In order to add space & style to your bathrooms, homeowners should try using 2-3 lights in one bathroom. They can be placed in different areas, like the shower area, WC area and the basin area.

For shower area and WC area, we suggest homeowners have ceiling lights or concealed ceiling lights. Concealed lights as the light fitting and wiring will get concealed inside the wall and will make the room look neater. Homeowners can choose from various designs, styles, sizes and intensity lights that best fit their room size.

For the basin area in your bathroom, wall-fitted lights would be a great choice. It has to be quite bright for better visibility so that you can comfortably use the mirror.

Lights in the shower area and WC area will be more regularly used.

Recessed can lights

Homeowners need to have indirect lights in the bathroom. Recessed lights which are soft, with a downward glow, illuminate the floors or sections rather than the walls. One can have a number of recessed lights of high or low intensity, depending on how bright or dull the owner want an area. Although, one should avoid using recessed lights in the mirror area.

If there are any columns or corners in the bathroom, homeowners can install recessed lights with dimmers, to add to space and create ambience in the bathroom.

Task Lights or Functional lights

Task lights are ones used for the best kind of view for the purpose shaving, applying make-up, etc. So, these are usually used in the mirror area. For task lights, having a pair of or a single scone at eye level is necessary, depending on the size of the bathroom.

A scone is a light fixture fixed on the wall and not on the ceiling or ground.

Cove lights or indirect lights

Sometimes, a niche is created in the wall to keep toiletries like shampoo, soap and detergents. Homeowners can install functional lights in this area in order to highlight it.

Get a Spa look in your bathrooms

For bigger bathrooms and budget, homeowners can have a spa feel in their bathroom. Here, they can have artificial bamboos installed parallel to one of the walls. To highlight this area, they can get ceiling lights installed in-between the bamboo sticks and wall.

There are various type and colours of light available.
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