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I Hired A Local Painter & It Costed Me, Almost TRIPLE!

Painting is a cheap and an easy way of renovating your home, but tales of catastrophic paint experiences are something you don’t want to be a part of. We came across one such story some time ago, and this incident reveals how important it is to hire from renowned home renovation companies.

This 32-year-old lady complained about the poor quality of painting done at her office done by a painter she contacted via Justdial. She got the contact information about a few painters; spoke to them, got the price quotations and picked one with the best price quote and attitude.

She did not hire a painter from a home renovation company, and it turned out to cost her, almost triple.

The painting work was completed in the next 2-3 weeks, and to her horror, only after a month, she started to realise the flawed painting work done. The walls were not finished properly and gave a wavy feel; in fact, anyone could make out this difference in the texture of the walls by just looking at it for a few seconds.

She told us about this adverse paint condition, and we could do nothing about it. We spoke to our experts regarding the possibilities of detecting defective or not up to mark paintwork in between the painting process and they all said a no.

It is not possible for a homeowner to identify sloppy work in between the painting process.

An ordinary homeowner does not know the in and out of the painting process, for instance, people do not know what a primer is and we shouldn’t even expect them to know the details about painting. Only a professional will know such details and can tell defected work in between the painting process.

Hence, it is important to hire from home renovation companies as they have professional painters. Their quotes may not be as low as that of an individual painter, but we sure do provide quality work.

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