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Is Concealed Wire Under Floor Safe?

Concealed wiring is extremely popular in modern houses with the modern interior design, but sometimes the electrician advises the homeowners to get the wiring done through the floor.

It is a common belief among the homeowners that the electrical wiring that is done through the floor is not as safe as the one done through the walls. However, this is not true because the wiring done through the way of the floor or the ceiling is equally safe. The reason behind this is that the wires are covered in PVC conduit pipes. The main purpose of this pipe is to protect and route the wires and therefore is 100% safe.

These pipes are used for electrical appliances such as lights, fans, TV cable wiring, telephone wiring etc.

Hampering/breaking the column/beam is illegal

In case, there is a section/ column or beam in the wall; then it shall not be disturbed or damaged for the concealed wiring. Smashing or collapsing the beam or the column or even making changes to hidden wiring is prohibited. In its place, floor concealed wiring can be done. Even then if the homeowners are determined for the ceiling concealed wiring then the sleeve pipes will be used for the columns and the beams.

Sleeve Pipe

Sleeve pipes are lean, slim, flat and malleable. Its girth is same as of a wire but it can bend easily because of its malleability. It is curved or angled before using it for the columns and then a wire is passed through it.

The sleeve pipes have a long life because of their PVC coating.

A professional electrician suggests the homeowners what is best for their beautiful homes and will use the sleeve pipes at the right places and in the right manner. Unskilled electricians do not complete their work in a proper manner i.e. leave the wires open and conceal them with POP. This is highly unsafe and is also inconvenient in situations when the wires need to be pulled and cannot be pulled because of the POP.

In modern houses with a modern interior design that has textured walls homeowners go for casing Patti for hidden wiring.

It is also made of PVC and is thin but is not as malleable as sleeve pipes.
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