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Is Maintenance Of A False Ceiling Easy?

When it comes to the interior design of the house, what most people worry about is the addition of a false ceiling and to top it – its maintenance and durability. But it’s something that need not be stressed about too much, for false ceilings are extremely easy to maintain and can be cleaned just as effortlessly as other interiors of the house. A false ceiling would easily remain for about 20 years if not more!

For a false ceiling, a Gypsum plasterboard is the best option – which is easy and doesn’t jeopardise the classy interior design of your home. It can without much of a stretch be repaired on the grounds that these are sheets of not enormous size. In this way a specific sheet that has been harmed can be opened, settled and introduced once more. This should be possible without breaking the whole false ceiling, all for a negligible cost of around a mere thousand rupees.


Keeping up the excellence and delicacy of a false ceiling is a hassle free task. Gypsum board false ceiling can without much of a stretch be kept up like any other surface of your household. No exceptional upkeep is required. For any dust aggregation, it can be cleaned with floor brush or a smooth carpet, much the same as different insides of your home.

While cleaning the False Ceiling, however, the only thing one needs to take a look after is that there is no water contact. Gypsum plasterboard and water do not work well together. Water will harm the ceiling completion and strength as well. False ceilings are usually finished and completed with a layer of paint.

For ceilings with either lustre paint or oil based paint, it can be cleaned with a soggy fabric.

Lastly, to make sure your home remains rich and contemporary, you can have wallpaper utilised for your false ceiling. There are different outlines and styles accessible in the backdrop. A homeowner can look over a vast assortment of these to best suit the fabulous interior design of their home.

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