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Know All About Natural Veneer and Composite Veneer

In the last few years artificial veneer, laminates and composite veneers have replaced natural veneers. In fact, artificial veneers are made with such authenticity that it becomes tough even for professionals to differentiate between natural and artificial veneers.

Natural veneers are expensive and not all homeowners can afford it.

In such cases artificial or recon, veneers are used. Sometimes low range veneers are often mistaken with recon veneers.

The process of applying artificial or natural plywood and MDF plywood is the same; that is the sheet of veneer is glued and pressed to substrate. But nothing can live up to the look and feel of natural veneer furniture. With natural veneer the interior design and the furniture look very elegant whereas furniture of composite or recon veneer won’t.

Artificial Veneer is mainly preferred for interior design in big projects due to budget constraints and requirement in quantity.

Composite or artificial veneer is especially preferred in hotels, hospitals and apartment buildings.
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