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Knowledge of Electrical Grounding by the Home Electrician

Grounding is a scientific word to a commonly used word known as earthing. There is a provision of earthing in home design so that the extra current moves inside the ground.

After the earthing is done the excess electrons flow from the charged object into the earth. Once the earthing has been done, it is much safer for the homeowners to use the appliances with their hands wet.

If we observe the steps of electrical wiring, it consists of 3 wires, the first one being neutral, second is the live wire and the third is for the purpose of grounding.

There are three main reasons for grounding:

  1. Protection against high voltage.

  2. Stabilize voltage.

  3. Provide current path to enable the operation over electric appliances.

Earthing in Kitchen and Bathroom.

Bathrooms and kitchens are the two places where, according to the home design earthing is mostly required because that is where the homeowners use the electrical appliances with their wet hands. While switching on/off the geyser the hands can be wet or while using food processor, microwave, fridge etc. in the kitchen the hands of homeowners can be wet.

Earthing helps in such situations and can save the homeowners from a huge shock and protect their beautiful homes.

Working of Earthing.

An Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ECLB) is essential for earthing and is fixed in the MCB separately. It is also known as Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB).

They are available in various powers from 63A to 100A. The former is used for domestic purposes. Current below 63A, although available, is not advised to be used especially in areas full of moisture such as Mumbai.

The MCB will keep tripping in areas where it rains for a longer time. The MCB will have to bear the load of the whole house. So, even if by chance there is a flow of current and the homeowners experiences a shock the current flows to the ground on its own. It protects the owners and they only feel a minor level of pain.

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