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Latest Trends To Redesign Your Bathrooms

Homeowners nowadays have become cautious about interior designing. These days, homeowners don’t just want their rooms to look stylish but also their bathrooms and toilets.

According to a contractor, bathroom design depends on a homeowner’s taste and budget. Various designs and styles of tiles are available, and various bathroom fittings like faucets, showerheads, bathroom furniture, sinks and lights are introduced every day. These days, concealed fixtures and fittings is quite preferred and in trend.

Here is HomeZop’s opinion:


Rustic tiles are quite in trend for modern bathrooms. They look smart, although subtle. Homeowners can choose from a wide range of colors and shades for their bathroom interiors. Homeowners may have different tile colours or designs for different areas of the bathroom.

Further, homeowners can add to the drama and style of the bathroom with highlighter tiles.


Chrome finished concealed bathroom fittings are used to make bathrooms look stylish and modern.

The chrome finish fittings appear like a mirror as they reflect light.

Wash Basin

Modern sinks can add style to your bathrooms. They are made from materials likes resin, glass, etc. Resin sinks look very elegant outside or inside the bathroom.

Resin sinks are available in pebbles, Korean stone, marbles, alphabets, with different colour combinations.


Today, almost all large toilet manufacturers offer dual-flush toilets. A wall mount WC with dual flush technology provides two flushing options - 8 and 1.6 gallons per flush.

Shower head

Rain-head shower and concealed square shape shower heads can be installed in modern bathrooms for a trendy or smart look. Rain-head showers have an enhanced nozzle spray arrangements offering full coverage, with heavy water drops. They provide a completely drenching shower experience.

Square shaped concealed shower heads offer full coverage but with standard water flow and shower experience.

Shower Cabinets and panels

Homeowners can enjoy a luxurious bathing experience by having a shower cabinet installed in their bathrooms. These let one enjoy both, tub bath as well as a shower. With these, home owners can also enjoy music with built-in FM radio system and even steam bath. Modern shower panels have added features, like a control system, to control water pressure, water temperature, steam and built-in music system.

All these features can be controlled from a LCD screen which is mounted on the wall.


Ambient Lights prove to be an important today as task lighting in bathroom. Homeowner’s choose different lightings like indirect lights, recessed lights depending on space in the bathroom and availability.

False Ceiling

For bathrooms with high ceilings, homeowners can have ACP false ceiling installed. False ceilings also add to your bathroom decor, besides reducing compression. Then, homeowners can have multi-level lighting that can convert bathrooms from simple to luxurious.

Spa at your own home

Homeowners can get a spa feeling in their very own bathrooms by adding artificial bamboos installed at a distance but parallel to one of the walls. Ceiling lights installed in-between the bamboo and back wall can further add to the ambiance. Here homeowners can use recessed light, light strip or tube lights installed according to their taste and budget.

Other accessories – In case of bigger bathroom spaces, homeowners can have fixtures like benches, bigger vanity counters and cabinets
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