Laying Italian Marbles on Old Flooring: Know More

Homeowners who are considering house renovation often ask if it is alright to lay Italian marble on top of a floor which has already had an old tile flooring.

We usually discourage them from doing so as it is not advisable.

Every building is constructed in such a way that it can only hold a certain amount of weight at all times. This amount of load is calculated, and then the construction is done. So you have already utilised the maximum weight-bearing capacity by laying tiles on floors.

Laying Italian marble on top of your old flooring during house renovation will add weight on top of the columns and beams.

Moreover, Italian marble flooring, or any other marble for that matter, will never get a proper grip if placed on top of the already existing tile flooring. Italian Marble starts to loosen up in 2-3 years after being installed on an already existing flooring.

Thus, the procedure is also a wastage of money and labour.

But if a customer is insistent on getting an Italian marble flooring in their house renovation, then we'd advise them to remove their existing flooring and then do the flooring with Italian Marble.

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