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Lustre v/s Velvet Paint, Which Is Better?

Painting is a hectic process as it has several decisions to be made and while renovating your house the most important one is to choose the type of paint, whether to opt for lustre paint or velvet paint.

When it comes to painting your home, lustre paint goes perfectly well. On the other hand velvet paint is costlier that lustre and doesn’t go well for homes. Lustre is an oil based paint, hence cleaning and washing the wall is very easy, making it best suited for homes where kids usually mark the walls. Velvet is a water-based paint thus, cleaning or wiping off the walls coated with Velvet paint is not possible as it ruins the paint.

Velvet is best suited for commercial spaces where the need to clean walls with a wet cloth is almost negligible.

To set a budget for house renovation one needs to estimate the cost of painting, it can be expected like – for instance, if lustre paint costs you Rs 10 than velvet will cost you around Rs 12-13

velvet paint is 20-30% costlier than lustre paint.
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