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Methods Adopted by Builder’s On Super Built Up and Carpet Areas

As mentioned in the Government’s statute, the builder is only supposed to sell the carpet area i.e. area that's confined within the walls of the house, office, shop, etc. The carpet area is the area that's used for living or constructing homes, office or stores and it also includes the staircase.

The homeowners should first go through the blueprint of the house or the flat which includes all the dimensions (in sq. feet) of the rooms, kitchen, living room, bathrooms and even the toilets. It also involves the extent of the walls.

It gives homeowners the exact measurement of the house or the flat, which is nothing but the carpet area.

The home renovation contractors sell the balcony, which is actually free, at full price and the terrace, at half of the actual price. The balcony is roughly of 3 feet with a cover over it and the terrace roughly measures 7-8 feet and is open to the sky.

Now, let us suppose that the house or the flat is 500 ft.

The home renovation contractors claim the price that is usually 30-40% more than the actual price; this is called loading and then hand over the rate of super- built up to the Home Owners. The price to be charged varies from builder to builder. Some builders charge as high as 60%. Most of the homeowners are unaware of the fact that the parking for their vehicle is free.

All homeowners should be aware that the Carpet Area is more than that of Super-Built up.

It is mandatory for the Home Renovation Contractors to provide the parking for free, but because the homeowners are unaware of this fact the builder charges for it. This fact is not quoted in the Sale Deed. The things that are mentioned are parking number, flat number, the area of the flat or house.

The rate of the flat or the house and on the basis of this information the stamp duty is filled.
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