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Modular Switches Available in India

Due to curiosity, we asked an electrician how he comes to know the number of switches that are required and fixed in a 1 BHK flat. He curbed our curiosity by sharing the following.

The number of switches that are installed in the room or the whole flat is decided by the homeowners according to their home design. However, there is a minimum requirement of 5 switches: 1 for light, 1 for fan and regulator, 1 for footlights and other plug point/outlets.

The term footlight refers to lights that are now used as night lamps. Earlier, they were installed in the corridor of the homes.

Kinds of Switches and Brands used.

Some companies like Philips and Schneider produce the most advanced switches which are also available in various colours. They are the best in switches. Switches of Anchor Roma are most demanded by the people of India for their beautiful homes.

Many colours like black, brown, gold, white, silver, etc. are available for switches and their plates.

The new feature that most of the homeowners desire for home design these days is an inbuilt emergency light. It is helpful when the electricity goes off, as it glows in the dark and aids in locating the switchboard. Moreover, its size is the same as other switches.

Besides these, more different and modern switches like USB charging port outlet, dimmers, inbuilt timers and much more available that we can get in the market. However, the switchboards are personalised according to the home owners.

The necessity of a Professional Electrician.

Once the homeowners purchase good quality switches, they are released from half the tension. However, to fix them properly a skilful electrician is required who can also fix the wiring.

An unskillful electrician may spoil the wiring and the switches by installing them incorrectly. This may cause a short circuit, tripping and may even lead to a fire. A professional electrician will do his job properly and will even inform homeowners when he sees something is wrong, which an unskilled electrician will be unable to do. For e.g. the fitting of the wires of an A.C. needs to be done carefully, as it is a heavy load bearing electric equipment, failure of which can burn the socket in a few days and thus will trip eventually.

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