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Need of Two Way Switches at Home & Where to Install Them

It is extremely important to have knowledge about one-way switch. In simple terms, one-way switch or single pole switch is a switch that is used in your beautiful homes for lights and fans to switch them on or off.

The two-way switch is same as one-way switch in the sense that it can switch on or off lights and fans, but the difference is that it functions from two distinct places. The wiring of these switches is done in a way that any of the two switches can regulate the functioning of lights and fans. This setup is mainly used in the staircases of bungalows, big living rooms, bedrooms, etc.

It is personalized according to home design and the needs and preferences of the homeowners.

2-Way Switch Setup

A 2-way switch is also known as Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) or a toggle switch. Its name suggests that there is one pole and two out i.e. double throw.

Besides two ways switches 3 ways, 4 ways and more way switches are also available in the market. They are used in extremely huge auditoriums, hotels, etc.

For a two-way switch, homeowners need two pieces of 2-way switches which should be mentioned at the back of the box.

Working of the Switch

A two-way switch works from two different places for e.g. in a bedroom, if one switch is fixed near the door and the other is fixed near the bed. This is helpful at night because the homeowners can quickly approach the switch and they need not go all over the door to switch off the light.

When it’s dark while entering the room, the homeowners can easily switch on the light. There is no need of going to the bedside to switch on the light.

Two-way switches are extremely helpful in many other places like a stairway, long passages, etc.

Not for Fan regulators

The two-way switches are not obviously for the fan regulators. They are placed only on the main switch. This is so because fan regulators on two switch boards are practically impossible as the regulator may not be at the same speed at all point of time.

A two-way switch is a must have in the interior design of the modern house.
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