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POP v/s Painting v/s Wallpaper, Which Is The best?

A customer asked us a question regarding the expenses that’ll be incurred while house renovation and the best option out of POP, Paint and Wallpaper for the walls.

The answer to the question is simple;

POP for starters is not equivalent to colouring. It is used to even tone the walls and to make them more appealing. Even after the application of POP one has to paint the walls, leaving the walls with just a coat of POP meaning leaving the walls unfinished. A person applies POP with the help of a Patra, which is a flat metal sheet. It gives the wall a smooth and nice finish. For covering larger areas, instead of the metal sheet, a long wooden plank like tool is used.

Now the main house renovation concern is whether to pick wallpaper or wall paint.

Wallpaper is a trending product these days. You can get your choice of design and pattern and colour without much hassle. Moreover, it can be applied very quickly without disrupting the daily life in an already occupied house.

Using wallpapers can give such effects and feel to a room, which is not possible in case of paint.

Painting, on the other hand, is a conventional and trusted way of renovating your house. It lasts for a good 4 to 5 years and also has a variety of finish just like those available in wallpapers.

In case you make changes in your home very frequently; it is suggested to use wallpapers, and if you are looking for long term changes, then wall painting is the best option. However, wallpaper is not suitable for high moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens as the adhesive sticking the paper to the wall get ruined, paint on the other hand is better suited for such places.

Whether you pick wallpaper or painting, each of them changes the look and feel of the walls of your home.

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