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Renovation of 1BHK flat

Wanting to remodel your 1 Bedroom Hall Kitchen – First thing you ought to do is get the unmistakable format of your level from Interior Designer or Contractor. This incorporates:

  1. Living room: How is the sitting game plan, position of T.V, position of entryway opening where shoe rack can be balanced.

  2. Bedroom: Position of bed, closet and dressing table.

  3. Kitchen: Many individuals lean toward the heading of stage as per vastu. A place for Mandir (little size), fridge, clothes washer, and so on.

At that point the format is finished. Any progressions which are to be done ought to be concluded before the work begins.

Ventures of Renovation:

Step 1 – Civil work

In the first place the work begins with Civil. On the off chance that there are any progressions in tiles, flooring or changing of stage it is finished and done in like manner. Any adjustments in latrine is done like changing Indian can into western.

The windows which are given by manufacturer can be changed and new French windows can be put.

An expansion is given with the assistance of marble where you can store things in it and it likewise gets to be sitting spot for 3-4 individuals.

Step 2 – Electric Work

Format for this ought to likewise be clear for legitimate execution. Switches are easily accesible in the market.

Step 3 – False Ceiling

At that point begins POP and paint work. Roof and divider punning is finished by doing punning the shine of paint increases as it gets smooth surface. In light-LED, PL, coloring tube lights are accessible in market.

Selection of lights ought to be done appropriately as it changes your state of mind and look of your house.

In 1BHK an additional room can be made generally underneath 2 alternatives:

  • Alternative 1) Gallery is changed over into a little children's room.

  • Alternative 2) Partition can be given to the lounge room.

Outline relies on upon existing arranging and requirement of the customer.
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