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Sanitary Products and Bath Tubs in India

Are you thinking about undertaking a home improvement project in the near future? Are you currently starting on your home improvement plans? The bathroom, an essential part of any home deserves only the very best products for your comfort.

Sanitary products like sanitary pots, wash basin and sink are available in the market in a wide range of variety.

Some of the best and popular brands manufacturing them include Hindware, Parryware, Johnson, Cera, Roka, Sona, Somani and Jaquar. All these companies, with the exception of Roka, are Indian companies.

Jaquar recently has introduced some new sanitary products.

Bath tubs are available in various shapes, sizes and types. The types of bath tubs include plain bath tub, corner bath tub, rectangular bath tub (of 5 feet or 6 feet), and bath tub with Jacuzzi system.

You should select a bathtub according to the size of your bathroom so that there is enough space to allow unhindered movement.

At first bath tubs were made of tiles. However, recently, bathtubs are being made in one mold acrylic, polytec material, which makes them infinitely better and more comfortable.

Brands like Cera, Commander and Jal have priced their bath tubs at Rs 22,000 and more. Bath tubs with Jacuzzi system will cost a lot more, with the starting price being around Rs 62,000 which can go up to around Rs 2 lakhs.

You can follow our team’s guidelines for a hassle-free home improvement project and contact us if you have any queries.
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