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Should I Go For Ducted or Ductless While Buying Kitchen Hoods?

Kitchens in modern times are all about being light, airy and open. People are particular about the kind of and some cabinets, shelves and gas or induction that it has. Modern interior design dictates that nowadays, people will try to keep their kitchen advanced.

But amidst all this, what people tend to forget are kitchen hoods, which has been an upcoming trend in all kitchen plans. A kitchen hood is a mechanical device located right above the stove. It contains a canopy which holds a tiny fan or some blower within it which dispels all the heat and odour which is generated while cooking.

These hoods sometimes also come with certain lighting that makes cooking a whole new comfortable and vibrant experience. It helps in maintaining an environment that isn't claustrophobic and on the whole clean alongside keeping the interior design modern.

Cooking and clearing thus become easy and effortless. There are two types of hoods, ducted and ductless. Ducted hoods are the ones who let the steam and odour out through ducts.

The unwanted air is taken out of the room and is a 100% more efficient.

Ductless, circulating or recycling hoods, on the other hand, differ on the simple grounds of not having a duct. In this case, it is a filtration system placed within the hood that recycles and filters the air before releasing it back into the room. The problem occurs because it isn't nearly as efficient as ducted hoods, owing to the fact that the air isn't released out of but back into the room. There is also the situation of having to keep replacing the filters every few months, and they need to be cleaned out on a more regular basis as well.

Alongside that fact, there is also the consideration that most company hoods might not come with easy filter provisions.

Statistics also prove that ductless hoods are half as effective as ducted ones. But a plus point for ductless hoods is that it is convenient for smaller spaces, especially in metropolitan city apartments where space is an issue. However, wherever possible, a ducted hood is undoubtedly perfect for a modern designed kitchen and the best option for a healthy one too.

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