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Should I Have French Windows In My Indian Home?

You have perhaps come across the phrase ‘French window’ while reading a book or watching a movie, where it was mentioned. What does it mean? A French window is like a normal window, except that it is used where there is a space of about six to eight feet, such as balconies and terraces or mini-terraces.

This window can have around five to six shutters, with the side ones being fixtures and thus immovable. These may range in width from one to one and a half feet, through which one can see, whereas the ones in the middle, almost three or four of them, are kept open so as to let maximum air and light in.

However, what separates a French window from a normal window with the same specs? The answer lies in the glass you can put on the former.

A French window can have designer or transparent glass on it, thus making it different from a normal window.

Since the glass is unique, the cost of window shall increase the more glass is required. Therefore, the cost of the window increases as the size does. Even the quality of grill wood used is greater in comparison to a normal window.

French windows can even be made floor to wall, and you can experiment with the extra light this gives you!
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