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Should I Opt For Corian Countertop Or Granite Countertop For My Kitchen Platform?

Many professionals of the home renovation industry are of the opinion that Corian kitchen countertop is better suited for kitchen interior design, while many prefer granite kitchen countertop to that end. We would advise homeowners to go for a Corian countertop for its many advantages over granite countertop.

A good-quality acrylic solid surface like Corian is assured to be hygienic.

It’s much easier to maintain a Corian countertop as compared to a granite countertop. The best part about solid surface countertops is that the cleaning is very easy- just wiping does the trick. There are no gaps or joints which would accumulate dust and germs, which makes the cleaning easier.

If food or spices fall on an acrylic solid surface it will not stain; even overnight stains can easily be removed with the help of soap water.

Plus, the edges of a Corian countertop are smoother than those of a granite countertop which reduces the painful sharp edges factor.

Moreover, Corian countertops outshine granite countertops when it comes to trendy and modern kitchen interior design.

However, to ensure their longevity, you cannot place hot objects directly on Corian countertop surfaces. It is recommended that hot objects aren’t placed on granite countertop surfaces, either.

One more thing to keep in mind is that it’s very important to hire a skilled fabricator who can take all the right measurements and maintain proper gaps between the countertop and the platform base. The fabricator should know how much silicon to use to help THE release of heat, lest wrong measurements result in cracks in the material due to excessive heat. There have been instances where solid surface countertops were not installed properly which resulted in complaints from homeowners. Thus, it’s crucial to choose your fabricator with care.

If you like your kitchen sleek and stylish with that modern look about it, Corian kitchen countertops are surely the way to go. White, as well as coloured and speckled Corian surfaces,

It is perfect for making the kitchen interior design look beautiful and aesthetic.
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