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Should I Use Solid Surface For A Door Grill?

Indian homeowners, who are interested in house renovation, often make bad decisions on solid surfaces. They spend a lot of money without being aware of the product that they are getting. There are people who will encourage you to have solid surfaces for bathrooms.

Majority of people want it for their house renovation because it is the latest trend in the market. You many want it because you saw it used in your neighbour’s house or maybe your interior designer recommended it. But many solid surface experts don’t even recognise what NSF 51 standard is.

Solid surface grills have become a mysterious item because it is one small thing among many big things during house renovation.

Solid surfaces are often used at places where they are not required. Solid Surface Grill is one such case. Some people may encourage you to have a door grill made up of solid surface. But it is not convenient at all because the door won’t be strong enough to withstand even a hammer.

Door grills are supposed to be made out of steel or cast iron. Just because Corian looks good, that doesn’t mean it can be used everywhere.

Quality should never be compromised for attractiveness. Solid Surface can be compared to a piece of stone that breaks as soon as it is hammered. There can often be instances where the solid surface vendor opposes the move, but just because the architect is hell bent on this poor decision, solid door grills are applied for house renovation.

Nothing will happen to the grills if you push or pull them, but hammering is always enough to render it useless. In these days, house owners spend a lot of money in installing security systems, but they always compromise on strong, tough grills with fashionable and least effective ones. This is never recommended.

we will always advise you against using solid surface grills.
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