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Sizes & Thickness of Italian Marble Available in India

Size and thickness vary with different lots of Italian marble. Each marble lot is cut into different block sizes and based on that lot, the sizes originate.

After getting the final rectangular sizes from the renovation contractors, the designer will form a grid pattern on the floor, based on the available size. To minimise wastage, mostly a rectangular shape is desired.

When a homeowner visits the store to select an Italian marble, renovation contractors in Delhi shall make sure to measure each and every slab. The overall square foot is derived in this way. Then the client pays based on the square foot area of the material bought.

Each and every slab is measured, and the total is added up to get the total area.

The renovation contractors in Delhi pick which stone will go where, how much wastage will be there, the overall quantity of material someone has to buy and other things.

18mm thick slab is usually the ideal thickness for a slab. But in India, 16mm thick marble is also available. All a homeowner needs to do is to go to an expert who will take care of all of that. (You can come to HomeZop)

The 16mm slab is thinner, which is why it is not as strong as the thicker 18mm one. It is safer to go for the thicker one since it is a softer marble.
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