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The cost effective way of waterproofing a terrace

Homeowners who live on the top floor face seepage and leakage issues every rainy season. We bring to you some cost-effective though provisional renovation solution of solving terrace leakage issues.

These are temporary solution that will get you by the rainy season.

Once the rains subside, make sure to get a permanent renovation solution to your waterproofing issues. A polymer coating called as Mastic Coating is your best option for a cheap waterproofing solution.Once the mastic coating is applied, homeowners need not worry about any major work breaking or concrete work. But it is only a temporary solution that will last for about 5-7 years. The mastic coating is available in liquid form just like paints. Mastic Coating is also applied in a similar way as paint, that is, with the help of a brush. Mastic Coatings are available in two variants viz.

Asphalt Plastic Coating and Bituminous Plastic Coating.

The bituminous plastic coating is available in the form of rolls.

Bituminous coating is applied using heat with the help of a bituminous adhesive. This adhesive is stuck as required through heat. Whereas Asphalt plastic coating and other polymer based plastic coatings are available in liquid form. These coatings are applied in a similar fashion as paint. These polymer-based liquid form of coatings are quite an efficient product. The cost of these coatings are approximately 70 rupees per square feet.

Although bituminous plastic coatings are usually expensive in comparison to polymer based coatings.

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