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Tips On Buying The Perfect Commode & Wash Basin

Commodes are either mounted on walls or floors. Nowadays, commodes mounted on floors are known as couple closet WC. They not only have a flush tank but also a bracket for the tank. The flush tank is separately adjusted on the wall with the help of the bracket. Also, S-trap type outlet pipes are used.

Commodes that are directly installed on the walls are known as wall-mounted commodes. In the case of wall-mounted commodes, the flush tanks are concealed in the walls. They are comparatively more attractive in appearance than floor-mounted ones.

Benefits of Wall-mounted Commodes

Wall-mounted commodes make the WC areas easily accessible for cleaning. As the flush tank is hidden in the wall, it saves more space. They are stronger and durable than floor-mounted commodes. Their models and shapes vary with prices.

Try to buy either a square shaped commode or an oval shaped one and avoid buying modernistic ones.

Bathroom Wash Basin/ Sink

While buying Wash Basin sinks for bathrooms, one should always check the depth of the basin/sink bowls.

The sink bowls should be deep enough so to prevent splashing of water.

Modern Sinks

For bathrooms, home owners can either choose counter sink bowls or pedestal.

They can also go for- wall mounted sinks, depending on the space available in their bathrooms.

Nowadays a wide variety of standard white ceramic sinks made from different materials are available in the market. The materials are glass, resin, metal, copper, steel, etc.

Most homeowners prefer using white ceramic wash basins. Resin-Pebble-Sink vessels are in vogue and are in high demand. Do go for branded products.

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