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Tips To Paint Your Home To Perfection.

Painting your house is a big deal, each stroke and hint of the paint matters and the horror of seeing unequal walls are beyond imagination. Paint and perfect should go hand in hand and to achieve the same we must keep in mind the home renovation tip while getting our home painted:

Quality Primer

Primer is the basic and most important step in the painting process; it is the preliminary coat put on before painting. Primer works as an adhesive between the wall surface and the paint, it ensures durability and provides protection for the material being painted.

Before one starts painting, application of primer is necessary, and it is significant to use quality and branded primers such as Asian Paints or Nerolac primer only.

The most important home renovation tip is never to opt for low quality or cheap primer as it will diminish the life of your wall paint.

Three hands of lambi putty

The first hand of lambi putty is basically for levelling the wall and getting rid of any dishevelled portions on the wall and is the thickest coat. Whereas the second coat of putty is thinner and is applied horizontally as well as vertically to further smoothen the wall and the last coat of lambi putty is the leanest and applied only if necessary.

It takes less than 24 hours to apply lambi putty in a small house. By the one side of the house dries, a painter can finish the other side. As in summers it only takes about 2 hours for a hand of lambi putti to dry whereas during the rainy season it may take up to 4 hours to dry.

3 coats of colour

Oil based paint which is the most common paint in Indian homes takes 24 hours to dry, hence, for 3 coats it will take 3 days to finish painting. Water based paint on the other hand dries quickly and hence can be completed within 2 days.

With that, we hope our home renovation tip works out well for you:)
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