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Type of Lighting Fixtures

Different kind of lights and lighting fixtures are used to add up to the look of the house. The light fixtures that enhances the look of the furniture and the modern interior design of the house are indirect or cove lights, chandeliers, mirror lights, cabinet lights, recessed lights, picture lights, table lights/lamps, etc.

Ceiling Lights

There are varieties of design in which the ceiling lights are available such as flush mount lights and direct ceiling lights (that are hidden in the ceiling). The flush mount lights are available to the homeowners in different kinds of contemporary, traditional and modern designs.

These lights are widely used in areas where people perform a plethora of activity such as kitchens, living rooms, laundry room, play areas, etc.

Indirect Lighting or Cove Lighting

They are the lights that are fixed in the false ceilings in a manner in which they bounce back the light to produce visibility. However, these lights can only be planted or fixed at homes that have false ceilings in their interior design.


Chandeliers are mostly used for general overall lighting. They should be and are fixed in open areas or huge rooms and create a fantastic ambience and mood that will be different than any other light.

Recessed Lights

These lights are similar to hidden lights and can be fixed both on the normal walls and the false ceiling. These lights can be used for many purposes like for overall room lighting, as a task light, or as accent lights, or as a decor element. These lights have altogether different styles of lighting fixtures like baffles, splay, eyeballs, reflector, open, decorative and shower. All these styles have unique light and execution. Most of the time, the contractors aid the homeowners to choose a style that will go with their home interior design. Recessed lights that give intense lights are also available, but it depends on the bulb and trim of these lights.

These intense lights are usually used in kitchen counter tops, under cabinet lights, central work area in several rooms and also in dressing rooms.

Besides these, there are more lighting fixtures like pendants, wall lighting, and table lamps, etc. that are used for the purpose of ambience. The top interior designers first understand the liking and disliking of the homeowners, the amount of money he can spend and more related questions. After all the understanding he recommends the lights and lighting fixtures.

However, these above-mentioned lights can create an ambience only when the walls are painted accordingly. Most of the time, homeowners prefer dark wall shades like red, copper, etc. that spoils the entire look of the lights. Dark colours also affect the homeowner’s behaviour in a negative way. Therefore, famous interior designers always advise soft colours and pastel paints for interior walls.

Soft tones calm the environment in the house and create the mood and the ambience with the above-mentioned lights.
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