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Types of Bathtubs

There are different kinds of sanitary products available nowadays in every Indian Market. These products include sanitary pots, wash basin, sink, etc. Some brands like Hindware, Parryware, Roka, Johnson, Somani, Sona, Rasi, Sera and Jaquar have recently launched a whole new range of different sanitary products. All these are Indian brands but Roka.

Roka is a very reputed foreign brand.

Types of Bathtub

There are a wide range of bathtubs available in the Indian market nowadays that includes corner bathtub, rectangular bathtub (of six to seven feet), plain bathtub, bathtubs with jacuzzi system, etc. Select your bathtub on the basis of the size of your bathroom.

The bathtub is made from a special kind of acrylic or polytech material. Previously people used to make bathtubs of tiles as technology was not that advanced. But nowadays, this is out of the question as numerous products are available in every Indian market that makes much better bathtubs.

If money is not a factor, you can go for bathtubs from reputed brands like Sera, Commander, Jal which are available at an average price of about twenty-one thousand rupees.

Installing a jacuzzi system can cost you of about seventy thousand to two lakhs ten thousand rupees.
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