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User Friendly Bathrooms For Kids and Elderly people

Bathroom is a space where water is constantly used. It is also one of the main rooms that is used pretty often. For families with kids and elderly people, you need to be extra careful while renovating your bathroom.

Interior Designers advise homeowners to install anti-skid tiles for floors. They make it easier for older people to walk. There are many types of anti-skid tiles available in the market. But shopkeepers often mislead their customers. Do some online research about which brand to buy.

The price range of anti-skid tiles vary from Rs.180 to Rs.260.

Bathroom For kids

With time, kids grow and opting for alterations in your bathroom for the sake of your kids will soon prove impractical. If you have a separate kids bathroom for your little ones, you can get creative by having Disney themed bathroom accessories like towels and napkins, bath mats, etc.

For Elderly People

Usually it is difficult for older people to get up from Water Closets. Do install a handle-like-fitting on the side wall adjacent to the WC.

For kids or older people at home

  1. Tile joint – Special attention should be given so not to leave any sharp edges in your bathrooms, especially while installing wash basins and tiles. The technique of grouting is applied to soften the corners.

  2. Hot & cold water – It’s really necessary to have hot water and cold water signs marked on the diverter so as to avoid any sort of confusion.

To stay safe, you can install a “THERMOSTAT”. Thermostat is a kind of device that checks the temperature of the system and maintains it as desired. Thermostat regulates the flow of hot water and cold water as needed to maintain the desired temperature. The price of a thermostat along with its installation and labor work will cost you of about eleven thousand rupees.

Also, keep a bench or chair in the showering area.

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