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Want To Know What Solid Surface Or Corian Made Up Of?

Solid surface is a kind of high-quality plastic that is used for home renovation. Because of this, the material looks seamless, beautiful as well as easy to work with or bend.

Solid surface can be cut and stuck together by a carpenter just like plywood, and both can be worked with in the same way during a home renovation. But solid surface can be made seamless which cannot be done with plywood.

This makes it look very good visually because it looks as if it is one single material instead of being made up of smaller parts. The joints are not apparent to the human eye most of the time. You can just feel the surface when you touch the joints.

Alumina Trihydrate or ATH is a natural substance that is used in the making of solid surfaces which are then used in home renovation.

The most important ingredient, however, is resin. The resin can be acrylic, or polyester and both of them produce two very different kinds of solid surface. Besides differing in material, solid surfaces can be created with different pigments so that they turn out to be of different colours.

Marble and Granites are slowly being replaced by solid surface or Corian. This is very useful in making kitchen table tops and countertops even though they are not used in flooring.

Corian is very easy to install and work with in home renovation.
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