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Want To Know Where You Should Use Veneer And Why?

Veneer is something that can be simply described as an ornamental covering to MDF or plywood for contemporary interior design. It is something that multiplies the charm of your furniture and thereby makes the interior of your house look more beautiful. It can be used to apply contemporary interior design and beautify doors, cabinets, furniture, etc. in offices and homes.

You can use veneer in a lot of places in your house. But there are some places where you cannot use them at all. They are listed below.

  • Kitchen: Veneer should always be avoided in the kitchen. The temperature in the kitchen is always changing there, and it goes from high to low often. Because of the constantly changing temperature, the polish on the veneer will start to darken. It does not matter how expensive it is; it will be affected. The chemicals in the polish reacting with the temperature lead to such results. After all, this, if you use veneer in the kitchen, you may have to replace it within a year.

  • Bathroom: Bathrooms need material that is waterproof. Anything that is used in bathrooms always has a constant touch with water. But natural wood decays easily when kept in contact with water for extended periods of time. Then it begins to break easily and start to stink. Veneer is only used on commercial ply.

It is not economically possible to apply veneer on marine plywood for contemporary interior design. This is why veneer is not a good option for bathrooms.

Veneer can be applied on marine plywood, but it becomes economically reasonable only when it is applied to custom-made objects like furniture, doors, etc. Otherwise, the cost of the furniture becomes very high, and no one wants to buy them. Normally, veneer is used for making furniture in contemporary interior design for temples, study rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. It can also be used to make wooden beams or ceilings.

These extra decorations add a certain charm to your house.
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