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Want To Know Why It Is Difficult To Find A Standard Pricelist For Veneer? We Can Tell You.

The most common raw material for house decorating ideas that has been used by man since the beginning of time is natural wood. It preceded metals or stones even. It can be obtained in various styles and designs that differ in finishes as well as thickness. They are sold in sheets based on per square foot. There are a lot of reasons why we cannot provide you with a standard price list for house decorating ideas with veneer.

They are as follows:

  • Changing dollar rates: Since wood, which is a sustainable natural resource, is the main raw material for the composition of veneer, their prices vary with the changing quantity of wood available for its composition. The resources in India is not enough; they are often imported from countries like the USA and South Africa. The changing rates of dollar also affect this matter. This makes it difficult to create a standard price list.

  • Veneer finishes: Different kinds of veneer are given different finishes for house decorating ideas which include varieties like veneer lamination, glossy finish, raw finish, metallic finish, etc. The price of chemicals and other materials used to make these also differ which prevents them from having a standard pricelist.

  • Veneer cuts: They are always cut in different ways like quarter cut, flat cut, rotary cut, etc. The method of cutting also differs with every variety. This, in turn, changes the design and the grain pattern on the veneer. Moreover, each and every tree differs from each other. All these factors make it difficult to have a standard pricelist for veneer.

  • Damage: The manufacturers always have to weigh in the damage and defects in each and every item. The less damaged the veneer, the greater the price for house decorating ideas.

  • Natural raw material: Since wood is available in limited quantity, the price of veneer varies with the availability of a particular wood, which cannot be factored in a standard price list.

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