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What Accessories To Use for Toilets and Bathrooms?

If you have been thinking about renovating your bathroom, then we suggest you these bathroom accessories that are extremely popular with homeowners in India. Plumbing, tiles, geyser, mixer unit, hot and cold unit, shower, hand shower, bath tub with shower panels and mixers being the favourite choices of addition.

Most of the bathtubs are simple. Although some homeowners may want to install tubs with a Jacuzzi system. A Jacuzzi system involves nozzles fixed in the tub and a motor fixed outside the tub, with the help of a motor, air and water pressure is passed through nozzles & bubbles are formed. In a modern bathroom, bathroom cubes and shower panels can also be installed.

Accessories used in Toilets

In Indian homes mainly two types of cans can be found viz. Indian (Indian closet with flush wall) and Western (Commode). A Western commode is further available in two types - wall hanging commode (it doesn’t touch the ground) and a running commode with flush tank. These commodes can be accessorised with a jet spray or hand spray that can be attached to cock.

A footrest can also be added to a Western commode as an accessory.
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