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What Acoustic Measures Should Be Taken By Residents Of Delhi

For those who live in Delhi, yelling on the streets, constant buses and autos honking and everything noisy in between is as common as oxygen. It's second nature for them to amidst such kind of noise - but not so much for those who aren't used to that level of chaos.

And is it something that people should learn to adapt

World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared any sound level about 85-90 decibels to harmful to the human ears. If you ever happen to lay your hands on a sound meter and test it in common everyday Delhi traffic, you'll find it to be at a minimum of 90 decibels at least.

Not only that, but it has also been proven scientifically that there is a direct correlation between the kind of ambience noise you are exposed to and your mental health and well-being. Traffic is an inevitable and long companion to most working people and students in Delhi, and the constant honks and noise can be the biggest reason for poor health, stress and a general aura of irritability.

In addition to that, there are the various religious fanatics and politicians who keep playing music loud enough to reach the heavens directly!

If you have a house with children, this problem can get a lot graver since it affects a variety of areas such as their concentration, intelligence and attention span. Therefore, home renovations must now be undertaken.

The sound is indeed an important part of our life, and with the advancements happening each day - it is inevitable to be exposed to harsh noises for the major part. What we can do to combat it, however, is to soundproof our homes. By building brick walls or using panel absorbers, we can make sure that the sound coming externally doesn’t enter our homes. Such kind of renovation has become imperative today.

We ignore the noise pollution day in and day out on the basis that it doesn’t have any effect on us – but in the long term, it is more damaging than we realise.

Therefore, by creating a peaceful environment at least at home and ensuring renovation that blocks out the external noise - we assure ourselves of momentary calm that will go a long way in emotional and physical betterment.

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