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What All Do I Need To Know About Corian Shower Base & Solid Surface Sinks?

Solid surface sinks are the most commonly preferred choice for renovations in the kitchens and bathrooms as they not only look beautiful, but you can get it custom designed, and the whole structure can be made seamless.

We would advise against installing Corian sinks in the kitchen as the smallest damage will give rise to leakage problems.

Stainless steel sinks are most efficient in the kitchen.

Bathtubs made out of solid surface are the best because they look fabulous. Same goes for basins made out of a solid surface which also look very elegant. Shower base made from an acrylic solid surface are a rage in the renovation market right now.

By installing solid surface structures, you do not have to worry about them getting stains or discoloured. Solid surfaces are the top choice in renovations especially for making basins, solid surface tabletops, shower base and many places for a cladding wall. It looks beautiful and stays new for a long time.

Seamless joints make sure that no dirt and grime get collected in crevices, which is common with other alternatives.
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