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What are the advantages of having a shower panel in the bathroom?

If you want luxurious bathing experience, then shower panels are for you. A shower panel is a single unit shower system with multiple functions. A shower panel can transform your unexciting bathroom into a haven of recreation. Components like overhead shower, hand shower, diverter and adjustable massage jets all built into a single unit- that sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it?

In the beginning when shower panels were newly launched, they were made of primarily steel and aluminium. In the current times shower panels are available in many designs and styles which are made of material like fibre and glass that gives the interior design of the bathroom a trendy look.

Additional features like built-in radio system and adjustable height panels are also available in a single unit.

The advantages of installing a shower panel are numerous-

  • Its installation is easy. A plumber can easily install a shower panel and connect the water flow to the wall mixer or diverter.

  • It requires minimal planning.

  • It’s ideal for a quick bathroom renovation project.

  • Shower panels impressively add style to the interior design of your bathroom.

There are many brands that sell good shower panels, for example, Jazz, Aquent and Kritzle. We would suggest homeowners to buy branded shower panels, preferably those that provide at least a 2 years warranty along with free services.

There is one more suggestion we would like to recommend to people who are thinking of installing a shower panel in their bathroom,i.e; to get the maximum pampering and a wonderful luxurious experience, you should install a booster pump that can provide 5 times more water pressure to your shower panels. A half-HP booster electric pump (automatic) is a must-have device here.

The inbuilt controller offers constant pressure which makes the pump start automatically when water is being used and keeps refilling the system continuously.

Make the interior design of your bathroom blow your mind away, along with your guests’.

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