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What are the Benefits of False Ceiling?

What is a False Ceiling?

The false ceiling is nothing but a subsidiary or an ancillary ceiling that hangs under the main ceiling.

Where is False Ceiling Used ?

The false ceilings were originally used in commercial structures like the offices, shopping centers and much more. They were initially used to hide the internal wires, centralized AC systems and even electrical fittings. However, the scenario today is different.

A false ceiling has made its way to the apartments of the people, specifically in their bedrooms and their living rooms.

What are the Benefits of False Ceiling?

  1. Enhancement of the Performance of AC False ceiling enhances the performance of Air Conditioners. Air Conditioners work well because false ceiling decreases the area of the room thus they work much better. This also helps to reduce electricity bill considerably. It is quite obvious that a room with a lot of height is being discussed here. Living rooms with false ceilings look very stylish and are extremely in trend these days. However, it is important to keep the height of the ceiling in mind. For a living room, a good ceiling height is preferred but for a bedroom, the height of the ceiling should be decreased. It is advisable not to opt for a false ceiling for the kitchens.

  2. It Provides Insulation Besides enhancing the performance of the AC’s, the false ceilings work as an insulator. For e.g. if the roof of the room experiences direct sunlight, then the false ceiling traps some of the heat and maintains the temperature of the room and keeps the room cooler.

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