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What Are The Different Kinds of Veneer Available In India?

Veneer has a lot of domestic and exotic varieties of panels with different cores for room interior design. When veneer was first manufactured, it was available only in flat cut and square cut varieties. But now, there are about 70,000 types of woods and commercial veneer.

It is mainly used to make cabinets and furniture. The types of veneer available to you for room interior design are the pre-finished veneer, composite and natural wood veneer, speciality veneer like bendable, moisture-resistant, fire-retardant, etc., numbered or sequenced architectural panels and backed and unbacked veneer faces. For better flexibility and design, there is also wood backed, phenolic backed and paper backed panels too. It has been reported that the types of veneer multiply every year.

Decorative veneer wood panels for room interior design can be classified based on the following factors:

Veneer patterns:

Huge panels of veneer can be created by slicing them in different ways like matching within panel faces, matching between adjoining veneer leaves and matching between architectural panels.

Veneer finish:

There can be various finishes like fumed, dyed metallic print, weathered, smoked veneer and much more.

Veneer cut and grain direction: Various kinds of veneer can be made through particular cuts like quarter cut, rift cut, half round cut, rotary cut and flat cut. Grains can be vertical or horizontal.

The basis of origin:

This refers to the kind of wood the veneer comes from like butternut, cherry, white ash, etc.

The veneer that is most in style nowadays is cracked veneer and smoked veneer. Cracked veneers are given a cracked effect when it is manufactured whereas smoked veneer is quite a fad. It is manufactured by creating warm brown and red colours from light coloured veneers. White oak is another popular kind of veneer. It is a European range of veneer and is very classy.

It is mainly used for making doors and cabinets and is yellowish-brown in colour.
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