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What Are The Different Sizes Of Gypsum Board Available In India?

Instead of saying that black is the new black or orange is the new black we would like to quote that false is the new black. Yeah!!! We meant false ceiling. Obviously. This is something that demands no explanation; people are pouring into shops like liquids to purchase decorative material to renovate their homes. After all, it's festive season man!

The most sought after accessory for homes today is false ceiling.

Earlier people used to be confused about purchasing gypsum board or going with POP. But now even the most naive decision makers are sure of what they want.

The issue of confusion now is which colour to choose. Red, yellow, green, blue, orange they come in so many colours now. But sorry, same can't be said for sizes, especially in India. Yeah!

We know that our country has some of the maximum profit churning companies in the world, but unfortunately, it's the bitter truth.

We are aware that customer aspirations are ever increasing, but dude it's India. Don't forget that we were under colonisation for 200 years. Give your country some time, people! And be happy that at least you have something called the false ceiling. Just Joking!


Okay! So this heading can have multiple double meanings but let's focus on what we are currently discussing. So as you have been earlier told that our mahan Bharat has only limited number of sizes, in gypsum boards.

It is usually standard in all companies which is six by four feets. You may throw tantrums regarding the dearth of sizes available but let us tell you that this is the most convenient size to be used.


If the size is bigger than this, it is vulnerable to break while on the other hand, a smaller size would unnecessarily increase your budget.

You can get branded or manually made gypsum boards. While branded ones may have a toll on your budget , manual ones are cheap. But the same goes for quality. You invest once and will reap long-term benefits. We mean that's pretty obvious with almost everything in this world, let alone gypsum slabs.

You want us to suggest companies? Okay, so Gyproc by Saint-Gobain is widely preferred nowadays, you can also choose from other brands like Birla, ACC, etc. But remember, all of them offer the same size.

So what do you want to wait for? Go, Get, Grab your size.

Happy Housing!

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