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What are the different types of plasterboards available ?

The types of plasterboard one use for making their false ceilings or for any other purpose whatsoever is very important when it comes to designing a beautiful home or workspace for you.

Gyproc organisation, a part of the Saint-Gobain Group, is the world's driving producer of ceilings, drywalls and gypsum mortars.

The organisation is a pioneer in presenting lightweight interior designs in the Indian business sector, and its items and frameworks are the favoured decision of organisations, manufacturers, interior decorators and end purchasers. Notable structures like the T3 airport terminal in Delhi

The Infosys grounds in Mysore and the Lodha World Towers in Mumbai all have Gyproc fabricated items utilised, but they also be used for designing beautiful homes.

The different types are

Gypboard Plain

Gypboard Plain plasterboard is a standard gypsum board comprising of a circulated air through gypsum centre encased in and solidly clung to solid paper liners.


Perfect for false ceiling, this item is the most suitable for use in framework applications where ordinary fire, auxiliary and acoustic levels are determined.

Gyproc Moisture Resistant Board

With a similar core as the above, this one comes with unique water repellent added substances encased in and immovably clung to, solid dampness safe paper liners that are green. These are, however, a little pricier.


Appropriate for use in both ceilings and drywall allotments in wet territories like bathrooms and kitchens. Likewise, appropriate as a base for tiling in these wet zones, to control seepage and for outer soffits in shielded positions.

Gyproc Fireline board

Sharing the same core once again, this one contains glass fibre and different added substances encased in and immovably clung to, solid paper liners that are pink.


Appropriate for applications in ceilings and drywalls where an abnormal state of flame security is required, i.e., in business, structures like workplaces, shopping centres, enormous lodgings, and so on.

A few other sheets utilised for various purposes produced by Gyproc are –

  • Gyproc Rigid UR-H

  • Gyproc Duraline

  • Gyproc Foil-Back

  • Gyproc Sound Bloc

  • Gyproc FRMR

  • Gyproc Coreboard

  • Gyproc Activ'air

  • Gyproc FiberCement board

Therefore, whether it is a beautiful home or a carefully designed public space, picking the right sheet can go a long way in making sure you’ve got what you wanted.
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