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What Are The Different Types Of Solid Surfaces?

The material used to make solid surfaces, generally known as Corian in India, can be categorised into 2 or 3 different categories. We can differentiate them based on how they are made and where they are made.

Solid surface generally used in India for interior decoration, are imported from Korea or China. Solid surfaces that are used for interior decoration, made in countries apart from Korea or China, are a bit expensive and of inferior quality. Solid surfaces made in Korea are superior to those made anywhere else.

The country, where the solid surfaces are being made, matters more than any other factor as depending on the country one can guess their quality.

The colour of solid surfaces, used for interior decoration, varies from ‘plain colours’, ‘small specs’ to ‘big specs’. The price depends on the range you are choosing, and some ranges are more expensive than the rest. ‘Small specs’ are little stone-like substances that play a pivotal role in interior decoration. They have a grainy texture and have a wide array of colour options.

They will instantly light up your home with their vibrant colours and make it much more bright and perky.

Solid surfaces are made up of Acrylic or Polyester or a mixture of both. They look like resins and provide additional strength. They increase the longevity and plays a major role in hardening of the solid surfaces. Polyester can not be bent easily and hence it is used to make solid surfaces that are used for straight surfaces. Some manufacturers mix acrylic with polyester so that it bends easily, but this trick does not work.

Solid surfaces made of acrylic last longer are are easy to bend. Also, they look more tempting than those made of polyester.

Do your research before buying solid surfaces as otherwise the shopkeeper will try to outwit you. There are a lot of local brands available in the market that are of poor quality. Beware of that and take professional help if you can not decide on your own.

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