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What are the European Standards for Laminate Flooring?

There are a wide variety and styles available in laminate flooring, in the present due to consciousness and innovation. All the manufacturers declare that they provide the best flooring, and the quality of laminate flooring for home designs depends on the producers.

Some European Standards are set for the laminate to relax and satisfy the homeowners. The laminate flooring which has passed the European Standards are believed to be of the best quality and are accepted worldwide.

What are the norms set for laminate flooring?

During late 90’s, firm rules were given by the European stating the fixed essential requirements and test methods for laminate flooring. It also indicates the grades that where and under what conditions will laminate flooring be used.

The Grades

  • Grade 21 to 23-24: Flooring is suitable for use at homes.

  • Grade 31 to 34: It states that the flooring should be utilised strictly for commercial purposes.

  • Grade 41 to 43: Mentions that laminate flooring is best for industrial purposes.

The first digit here signifies the function for which laminate floor covering is to be used i.e. 2- domestic use or for home design, 3- commercial use, 4- industrial use whereas the second digit mentions its further usage i.e. 1- light use area, 2- moderate use area, 3- heavy use area, 4- intensive use area.

Wooden and laminate flooring were initially used for business purpose, but with the change in the wood market, it is preferred in home designs and industrial market.

Money Worth.

Laminate flooring made in accordance with the European Standards is without any doubt best in the world. There is no reason for homeowners to worry about its strength if they are installed. Many people do not go for laminate flooring covering. It all depends on what they like and what they don’t. It adds beauty and drama to the floor and interior of the house.

Homeowners can choose laminate flooring according to the price that suits them the most because its price expands from 200 per sq. ft. to 20,000 per sq. ft.
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