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What are the interruptions in re-development projects?

There are several reasons for the delay in redevelopment projects, but usually, they are due to slow in Government permissions for beginning the work, NOC and other legalities. But one also cannot ignore the fact that sometimes the contractor may not completely understand the kind of complexity that a particular home design involves.

As per studies the four top reasons that interrupt redevelopment projects are-financing, economic conditions, natural conditions and material supply. These key points hamper the pace of redevelopment projects and also over budget them.

The reasons can be further divided into nine heads:

1. Material

  • Shortage of material on site

  • Delay in supply of new material

  • Incorrect materials

  • Low quality materials

2. Labor

  • Shortage of required types of labor

  • Unnecessary strikes and issues

3. Equipment

  • Lacking up to date technology

  • Machinery breakdown

  • Faulty machine operators

4. Changes

  • Undue changes in home design by the homeowner

  • Changes from the contractors end

  • Changes due to problems founds on cite

  • Changes due to poor plan

5. Finance

  • Fluctuations in price of inputs

  • Delay in payments

  • Failure to assess credits

6. Environmental/natural reasons

  • Uncalled for weather conditions

  • Natural disasters

  • Disapproving conditions at the site

7. Government

  • Public holidays

  • Delay in receiving permission from the Government

  • Non-compliance with building codes and standards

8. Contractual Relations

  • Conflict between contractor and contractee regarding home design

  • Mismanagement

  • Miscommunication

  • Legal disparity

  • Delay in giving orders

9. Other

  • Poor site management

  • Accidents on project cite

  • Improper supervision

  • Haphazard schedules

  • Inaccurate methods of construction

  • Incorrect project estimations, in terms of time, cost etc.

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