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What are the permissions and approvals required for a Redevelopment project?

One cannot start constructing or reconstructing a building on his/her own will. To do so, proper approvals and permissions are required from the government, even in the case of building or breaking a new wall. Moreover, for a person living in an apartment and making any home improvements, society permissions are a must have.

But in case of redevelopment projects, permission is required from all the society members and not just a single flat owner. This is because the impact of redevelopment is on all the house owners in the apartment, hence the permission and approval of all the members is necessary.

The contractor is usually in charge of all the legalities and documentation.

Allotment letter

This term is a myth. People use it all the time, but it does not exist. An agreement is signed between the builder and homeowners and allotment the details are mentioned here. In the case of redevelopment projects, the homes are allocated as per the society and is not picked by flat owners as in the case of new construction.

Possession Letter and OC

Possession letter is like a NOC issued by the local authority. It implies that changes under the home improvement project are complete in all respects. OC i.e. Occupation Certificate means one can occupy the building or flat for whatever purpose it was permitted for. It is the final document that means that the flat is ready for occupation.

To know if the contractor has truly received the OC you should ask him whether the local corporation water supply has started or not. It is to be noted that water supply will never start without OC and CC. Also, ask him for a copy of the OC and completion certificate (CC).

Receiving possession letter/ water supply without OC is equivalent to being illegal.

Other alterations post occupancy

In case of home improvement, if someone wants to add the balcony area in his or her apartment, he/she shall share it with the builder after acquiring the possession letter and OC.

Before receiving the OC a builder is not allowed to do so.


NOC is a document, which means that the existing homeowner is left with no dues in relation to the flat, which now is up for resale.

This also implies that no loan is taken with respect to that particular apartment.

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