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What Can Go Wrong In Buying Italian Marble Block?

Italian Marble is basically natural stone. Obviously, you do not have any idea about colours or figures inside a block of stone. Since it is cut from the mines and imported, you would not know if anything goes wrong.

Most of the suppliers for room interior design have incurred losses while doing these things. It is because they, too, like you, don’t know what is there inside the block. That being said, they do have the capacity to take risks as it is their business. They go through all these processes of buying the lots and get them cut.

But as a homeowner, we do not need a quantity beyond a maximum of about 2000 to 5000 square feet for room interior design. So we do not need to be a part of the risk.

Here’s what can go wrong:

  • Say you bought a block of Italian marble which is quite fine in an appearance on the outside. After cutting you found a hole inside it.

  • Say you have checked all 4 sides and the upper side of a block while buying it for room interior design, but you forgot to check the bottom side. Then the bottom side could possibly bear a damage, which goes unchecked.

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