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What Exactly Is False Ceiling?

It's the festive season, and with Navratras around the corner followed by Dussehra, then Diwali, Bhai Dooj and the list of our Indian festivals are never ending. Yeah! We are fun loving people. Every day for us is a festival but these days are a bit more special with celebrations, fun and guests.

Wait? Did we just talk about guests? Oh gosh!

"My house has to be better than Mrs Sharma", said Mrs Gupta to her husband. "Last year they got polymer paint done, and it looked amazing. Our house looked so plain. This time, I want to outdo her." We are all familiar with this.

Whatever your need may be, if you have renovation plans and are looking for something different yet sober, something showy yet classy. Or maybe you want to hide your leaking ceiling for the time being (no offence) or you want to conceal wiring, air conditioning ducts, plumbing or anything embarrassing in this world that hangs from your ceiling, then the false ceiling is the thing you need.

You may have heard of it for the first time but trust me, it's trending at almost all the modern construction and architectures. Or you may know it by the name of a drop ceiling, T-bar ceiling, suspended ceiling, grid ceiling, drop in ceiling, drop out ceiling, or ceiling tiles. Be it shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, hotels, guest houses or the home of your neighbours, it is from anywhere to everywhere.

What's even amazing, is that you can get fitted Led light in them and when switched on in sheer darkness, the beauty is incomparable.

I am pretty sure that by now you have already made up your mind to make this amazing features a part of your abode. So let's know the different types of false ceilings: Rectangular, Curves or wooden, they come in all shapes and sizes you can think of.

  1. RECTANGULAR This is most economical type also comes with the least number of complaints. The problems regarding installation, size and colour are almost trivial with this type. Mostly chosen by buyers, architects and construction companies, these are just the right choice if you are taking false ceiling for the first time, or may be, are a bit apprehensive.

  2. CURVED Okay, so this is a bit of a costly affair, but the elegance and gorgeousness are simply unmatched. Once you get this done, it will become your recommendations to every person you know. Your mason will have to do a lot of hard work to get your false ceiling a perfect curve and your room a classic look. Coming to the technical part, there are two layers of this type. One rectangular and the other curved one, over the rectangular base.

  3. WOODEN There are two sub-categories in this type: original and POP. You may either get an original wooden false ceiling or one to just look wooden. The difference? The actual wooden one is costly while the other one is economical. That's the reason, why people usually end up getting POP painted so it looks like wood.

Hope you are ready and dressed up and going out for getting your home a new look with false ceiling.
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